Music with Miss W is turning 3! In addition to a fun birthday giveaway, there are a few exciting changes that you can take advantage of:

Free Resource Library – You’re busy, you’re on a teacher budget, and you need something you can print out tomorrow. Enter the free resource library. So far, there are 3 resources exclusively for those who sign up – a color by note set, missing beats upper grades worksheets, and inspirational music cellphone and computer backgrounds. When you sign up, you’ll also have access to my exclusive newsletter with tips, blog posts, motivation, and, of course, music jokes. Don’t worry, you won’t get any spam from me(because nobody has time for that)!

Resources for Secondary Students/Upper Grades – Music with Miss W is expanding beyond K-8 general music. Since I have the experience with teaching high school band and the resources from my experience, these resources will soon be making their way into my store this summer. In the mean time, if you’d like a little taste of what’s to come, check out the music theory worksheets you can download in the free resource library.

Instagram – I have been a long time personal user of Instagram and now I am bringing Music with Miss W to Instagram. Follow for daily inspiration when you have great days and motivation when you have tough days. There’s going to be something special coming to my Instagram this summer, so make sure you’re following so you don’t miss out!

Visually – Music with Miss W’s visual vibe is growing up as well! Say goodbye to the owls and hello to the new design!


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