Starting out lessons with a quick video is a great way to get students hooked on the day’s lesson. Here are a few short videos to go along with singing games on musical opposite concepts high/low, fast/slow, and loud/soft.


Andy Pandy

Students march to steady beat and then freeze on high to reach as high as they can and low to touch their toes. Add another level by having students march in a circle.

Sing High, Sing Low

Students stand in a circle and pass a dog (or other stuffed animal) to the student they call. In order to show who has had a turn, have students keep one hand on their head until the stuffed animal is passed to them.


Rig A Jig Jig This song is sung slowly until the fermata. After the fermata, the song picks up in tempo. I like to drag the first part out to really show contrast to the second part. To play the game, students sit in a circle. One student is chosen to walk slowly around the circle while students sing. When the class reaches the fermata, the student taps the shoulder of whoever is in front of them. The chosen student then chases the student around the circle and attempts to tag him/her before the song ends. I do not have much room for chasing in my small music room so instead of having students running/chasing, I had both students gallop around the circle without trying to tag each other. They enjoyed it just as much without the competitive part.


Grizzly Bear

Students sit in a circle while one student(the sleeping grizzly bear) sits outside of the circle facing away from the rest of the group. One student in the circle is chosen to “wake” the grizzly bear by tapping the grizzly bear on the shoulder during the last two lines of the song (please be very quiet….). When students sing the word mad, the grizzly bear turns around and has three guesses to find who tapped them on the shoulder.

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