Here’s a new twist on an old song! I took the melody to Bounce High, Bounce Low, Bounce the Ball to Shiloh and changed it up a bit for my kindergartners. While Bounce High, Bounce Low is usually used as a steady beat activity, I used it to practice singing high/low as a part of my musical opposites unit I am doing with kindergarten. I decided to change the words from bounce to sing because bouncing balls in my small classroom made me quite nervous, especially with the younger students who haven’t quite fully developed their motor skills. Instead of a bouncing ball, I used a dog stuffed animal to ensure a hard/high throw would not harm any students or my Orff instruments, which are stored on a counter.

Here’s the music I used:

You can easily replace dog with any one syllable stuffed animal you have available to you…pig, frog, moose, bear, etc.! This song is also great for students to learn each other’s names. After teaching the song, I had students make a circle and sit criss cross. The first time around, I had students pass the dog to the person to their left. The whole class sang “sing high, sing low,” and the person who had the dog stuffed animal sang “pass the dog to (name)” on their own. The individual singing gave me an opportunity to do a quick individual assessment on each student.

Next, I told students we were going to have a “challenge” round. Instead of passing only to the left, students could pass across the circle. All students stood up and started with one hand raised at the shoulder. When someone passed the dog to them, they put their hand down. This ensured that every student had a chance to pass the dog. I used the same singing format: all sing “sing high, sing low” and individuals sang “pass the dog to (name).” I told them to make sure the person they were passing the dog to was looking and ready. My kinders really loved the pass across the circle challenge!

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