November is a time for post-Halloween candy, blustery days, and, of course, Thanksgiving! This week, my students are playing a fun Thanksgiving (assessment) game to get them in the spirit of the holiday. This song/game is called Turkey, Turkey, Turkey!

To play the game, students sit in a circle. One student sits outside of the circle, facing away from students. Students sing the song and pass a turkey around the circle. I used a Turkey printed on a paper but a stuffed animal would work great as well! Whoever has the turkey on the word day “hides the turkey before Thanksgiving Day” by putting the printed or stuffed animal Turkey behind their back. The student who is sitting outside of the circle remains facing away from the rest of the class and sings “Turkey, where are you?” (sol mi mi sol mi). The student who is hiding the turkey sings “you’ll never find me” (sol mi mi sol mi). The student sitting outside the circle has three tries to guess who sang “you’ll never find me” without looking. The individual singing responses gave me a chance to assess my students’ singing.

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